PTFE sheets and skived tapes PTFE

Sheets and skived PTFE Teflon

In these attach files you can find the weight of sheet and skived tapes.

PTFE size sheet standard are 1200×1200 or 600×600. For other size, you must consult us. Also, we can cut sheets for your special sizes.

We can propose a treatment on sheets and skived tapes to cement with Epoxy bi-component stick (we don’t deliver cement). This treatment sodium naphthalene or sodium ammoniac can be realized on one or two sides.

For skived tapes or big sheet (1000×2000 or 1500×1500) it’s important you contact us for delivery terms.

For PTFE filled: cf “download technical files”

Size and weight for sheets and skived tapes

Download size and weight for sheets and skived tapes:

PTFE sheetsPTFE skived tapes